Ok here it is, this is and will not be the completed biography and is subject to change.

Aurora was born like any other Shifter, into a world of ever changing beauty and danger. Here people are of a Nomadic up bringing and each member of the ‘tribe’ has their own specific job. For Aurora this was to become an advocate of Nature, a Druid for her people. The Shifters lived a very simple life and had very little technology, so generally it was very rare for a Shifter to be in a highly populated area. It was actually disgraceful for a Shifter to move into a highly populated area, and try to live like the others. Growing up Aurora was always following another Shifter, Rainn who was 2 years older than herself. Rainn was a Razorclaw Shifter just like Aurora and he was her role model and fantasy for the early years of her life. Once Aurora become of marrying age she decided to ask Rainn who unconditionaly said yes. Rainn protected Aurora many times when they went out hunting together, other races would try to ‘convert’ the Shifters to become ‘civilized’ and this lead to many arguments and even some deaths. One fall day when the colors are at there best another one of these ‘converters’ come to were we were making camp for the night. He was the nicest one to the day, we merely said that we were not interested and he just left. Little did I know then that, that night in our sleep he sent in an assassination group of rogues and attempted to kill us. We woke up just in time but Rainn stayed and fought to give me a chance to escape. He died that night and I have sworn my hatred to highly populated and technologicaly advanced area and the people within them. I also have a dislike for anyone, even religious, who try to convert unwilling subjects.

Yeah thats all i got sorry guys.. I’ll try to work on it more but I got alot of stuff going on and dont have much time for D&D back story construction.


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