Üthok Stonehand

Arrogant barbarian with a vendetta


Stats created via point-buy.

  • 22 STR
  • 18 CON
  • 11 DEX
  • 10 INT
  • 8 WIS
  • 10 CHA
  • AC: 24
  • Fort: 25
  • Ref: 17
  • Will: 18


  • Inescapable Greataxe +2
  • Briartwine Finemail +2
  • Horned Helm
  • Periapt of Recovery +2


  • Goliath Greatweapon Prowess: Proficiency, +2 damage with two handers
  • Markings of the Victor: Roll twice for first attack roll each battle
  • Toughness
  • Deadly Rage: +1 damage while raging
  • Weapon Expertise (Axe): +1 to attack rolls with axes
  • Armor Proficiency (Chainmail)


  • At-Will 1: Howling Strike
  • At-Will 2: Recuperating Strike
  • Encounter 1: Avalanche Strike
  • Encounter 3: Blade Sweep
  • Encounter 7: Tide of Blood

Daily rages:

  • Macetail’s Rage
  • Vengeful Storm Rage
  • White Tiger Rage


  • Lvl 2 Tiger’s Leap
  • Lvl 6 Indomitable Shift
  • Lvl 10 Wellspring of Renewal


  • Stone’s Endurance
  • Mountain’s Tenacity
  • Powerful Athlete


  • Barbarian Agility
  • Rageblood Vigor
  • Rage Strike
  • Rampage

Üthok is the son of a Goliath chieftain in a minor tribe called the Stone Hand. His full name is Üthok Stonehand, however he has declined to have his surname known by any but his most trusted companions, for fear of recognition (this is explained later). As a child, he was taught the use of two handed weapons until he was proficient with all of them and indeed possessed a great prowess in their use. The reason for his training was partly custom and partly an attempt by his controlling father Grosh to live via his son’s achievements, having been pigeonholed as chieftain and unable to lead an exciting life. Grosh was extremely hard on Üthok and often beat him if he failed even slightly. This ultimately led to Üthok bettering himself until one day he stopped failing almost completely. This made him arrogant, domineering, and strong willed and he started making wagers about his strength with his friends and his brother. He succeeded in nearly everything thrown his way up until the winter solstice in his twentieth year.

During the winter solstice there was a raid upon the Stone Hand organized by a conquering Dwarven army. The tribesmen fought valiantly, culminating in the death of half the invading forces and the death of all the tribe except a few stragglers. At the climax of the battle, after fighting and slaying many dwarves, Grosh was face to face with the invading commander Berin the Ruthless. Üthok watched as his father displayed amazing skill with the greataxe, moving with adept speed and skill, switching forms with lightning swiftness and thundering power, but he was met blow-for-blow by Berin. Üthok thought his father would kill the commander and die with honor, only to watch as his father was beaten miraculously and killed by Berin’s sword. At the sight of this, Üthok flew into a blind rage, tearing a hole through the circle of onlookers until he himself stared face to face with Berin in the middle of the circle. Berin taunted him and would not fight him. He instead set his army on him with orders to capture, not kill. Üthok fought off as many dwarves as he could but was overwhelmed and taken into captivity. For three years he was taunted and shamed, but his spirit never broke. He vowed to never touch a sword after seeing his father killed by one and indeed he feels mad rage at the sight of one. His vendetta towards Berin is personal and is his utmost goal. He is consumed by it and is positively blinded. As a repercussion of this, he also despises all dwarves. He sees his father’s death and his tribe’s destruction as his own personal failure and his biggest at that. Üthok was able to spring himself from dwarven bonds by use of his brute strength to break his cage and slay the guards.

After he freed himself, Üthok found himself in an area he did not recognize. He became a wanderer and revisited the site of his old tribe after receiving directions. He avoided using his surname in an attempt to avoid another encounter with Berin until he was ready. The torched remains of his village were almost completely gone after three years of exposure to the elements, but a grave had been put in the square. Upon approaching the grave, Üthok noticed it was his father’s grave and this gave him hope that his mother and brother might still be alive somewhere. He decided his best chance of finding them again would be to live somewhere close by, so he made himself a home in a cave he used to frequent as a child. It was here that he trained rigorously and plotted his revenge for five years. He ventured into a human town close by (DM’s choice in name) and participated in some voluntary fights to the death for money and he accrued a small amount of money for doing so. It wasn’t enough for him, so he looked into bodyguard work and found a noble seeking protection named Brackthorne. He spent a year doing this, found it boring, and quit after obtaining more money. While in the employ of Lord Brackthorne he heard tales of an axemaster who had been training the Goliath chieftains for generations. Once his job was done, he set out trying to find the axemaster. After months of searching and many dead end rumors, he returned home to his cave to continue plotting. On the night of the winter solstice, the night that Üthok pays his respects to his lost tribe and mourns, he was surprised by a summons that appeared in his fire to meet the axemaster. The next morning, he set off to find him.

High up in the mountains, higher than he had ever been in his life, he was on the point of giving up when he was grabbed and lifted and set down on level ground. Bewildered, he didn’t believe his eyes when he saw that the thing that grabbed him was a Giant. The giant told him he was named Gurg and that he had been training the chieftains of the Goliaths in the ways of the Greataxe for generations. It was then that it dawned on Üthok that he is the rightful heir to the title of Chieftain of the Stone Hand, since he was older than his brother. Üthok asked for the means to avenge his father and the training that Gurg could provide and was given the opportunity. After spending only a year in training (Gurg commented that Üthok was the fastest learner he had ever had and indeed was helped greatly by the training his father gave him, both in the ways of the axe and the speech of Giants), Üthok returned to his cave home.

After a small amount of time spent in his home, he was approached by a messenger bearing a letter with the seal of Lord Brackthorne, his previous employer. Lord Brackthorne had been so enthralled by his ferocity and drive that he passed along a recommendation to the KTO, who were looking to hire some muscle to protect the trade route creating emissaries. In the letter, Brackthorne informed Üthok that he had been accepted and a high paying job awaited him. Üthok went to town to thank Brackthorne, only to find that he had left in a hurry. Unperturbed, Üthok continued to the KTO and met Genry Goldfleck personally and was given his first assignment, where he met the party’s intrepid adventurers.

Üthok Stonehand

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