james "two-blade" mason

two blade ranger, captain of the swift-blade pirates


AC: 20 Fort: 21 Ref: 21 Will: 20

HP: 83

STR: 16 CON: 16 DEX: 16 INT: 12 WIS: 14 CHA: 16

Passive Insight: 24 Passive Perception: 27

Main Hand: Soul Cutter (Vicious Scimitar +2), Off hand: Solus Brisingr (Sunblade Scimitar +2)

Feet: catstep boots, Neck: Amulet of protection (from Noelani)

virtue:free spirited

vice:loves battle


here is the hard facts on James Mason.

His story starts before his time, in a land off the west coast of Lomythica known as Lomares. James’ mother was Noelani Mason the daughter of a navy captain Sargent Micheal Mason. One day in the village Morosia a band of elfin rangers came to the village to resupply. The leader of the rangers, an elf named Arigous Swift-Blade, lead eyes on Noelani instantly fell in love. She felt the same and they stayed together the whole time the rangers were there. After the rangers leave Noelani found out that she was pregnant. she then gas a son she names James.

14 years pass and James is a sailing prodigy. One day while he is out orcs attack Morosia. James and his best friend Dan then saw the fire coming from the village and rushed back. when they got to the port James ran home just in time to watch his mother killed. he lost it and went into a rage. when he came to Dan told him he had killed 5 orcs on his own but the horde already left. after that day James and Dan joined the navy to help protect the innocent from orcs. to his dis may his biggest rival was a half-orc named Salumar. James and Salumar hated each other and were both the best of the best. after 7 years James was already second in command to Commander Goroth. James and Goroth became close friends,but Salumar hated James and wanted more power because he was stuck at 3rd seat. so late in the winter months Salumar creates a diversion to lead James away from Goroth by getting his father to attack a village. To answer the call for help James goes to Goroth and asks if he go because they are the orcs who attacked his village. James takes his most trusted crewman with him after getting the okay from Commander Goroth. Salumar then sneaks in and kills Goroth with James favorite knife. on his return James is accused of the murder of Commander Goroth. backed only by his crew he is sentenced to death. Before he is hung his crew risks it all to save him.

After a period of laying low James and his few men left alive join a pirate known as Death-Beard. James and his crew sail with the nightshade pirates for 4 long years. James, now 26, decides to over through Death-Beard and take control of the death bringer. in the late summer he goes with his plan and claims the death bringer and the soul cutter as his taking the title of captain. James then later changes his crew from the nightshade pirates to the swift-blade pirates. It has been 2 years since he took over the death bringer and joined the kingdom trade organization.

A few days before the party left for the Ketacha tribe, James received a letter from Dan. It told him that Salumar was now the Commander of the navy and working on becoming the ruler of all Lomares.

james "two-blade" mason

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