Fosco Talbot the Roadfellow

Well Traveled Guardian of the Roadways


Fosco Talbot’s History

Fosco Talbot was born to his parents, Tallon and Forlee Talbot. Tallon was a Tavernkeeper and Forlee was a baker. During the day they sold sweetbreads, sandwiches and bakery goods, then at night sold beer, wine, and hearty food. Having grown in with this, Fosco has a keen affinity for both baked goods and beer, with a soft spot for biscuits and halfling pumpkin wine. Many a time he would sit in the common room listening to a tale of a traveler or watching road merchants hawk their exotic wares. He became enamored of these faraway places, and longed for travel and adventure. Every by his side was his walking stick, as he was wont to take long walks into the hills and forests around his town.

As is with all halflings, after his primary schooling, he went on to serve the community through civil service. Fosco elected to go the military route, for he felt more adventurous than being a mere scribe, messenger, or merchant apprentice. He enlisted in the city guard, and his outdoorsman skills made him a prime candidate to be a scout, which he favored. He would roam on the outskirts of town, visiting the smaller villages and abjucating quarrels among them, as well as providing a military arm to put an end to any dangers that lurked among them. He had defended himself from wild animals many times, and had chased off small monstrous menaces like goblins and kobolds, so it was a natural extension his forays into the surrounding lands. During this time, there was a small uprising of goblins in the southlands. Fosco was promoted as a leader of the scouts, assisting in directing his scouts in hit and run attacks against the tribes. In one of these attacks, he was wounded from a knife in the forearm, from which he still has a scar. Fosco has a trophy from this war, the spear of a goblin cheiftan, which hangs in his parent’s tavern among a few other notable trophies of their family. After serving in the army for 5 years, 2 years past his required civil service, Fosco set out for new lands and adventures. The war had extended his military service a handful of years, but there where other reasons for his staying…

During his civil service, Fosco grew attached to a certain lady. Her name was Evylyn Gilbo, and they had grown up together. He had always been sweet on her, giving her flowers and teasing her, but her father was one of the town elders, and didn’t like that Evylyn would be hanging out with ‘riff-raff’ like a Tavernkeep’s Son. They dated on and off, but with Fosco having to concentrate on the war more because of the men under him, they grew more distant. Evylyn had done her civil service with the Temple of Avandra, training up into becoming a cleric of the faith. Fosco had paid passing reverence to Avandra, through the faith that Evylyn had shown him. He had begun on that path to faith by being around the temple constantly and volunteering for the jobs of protecting pilgrims and temple supplies so he could see Evylyn. During this time, he grew closer to Avandra, while He and Evylyn drifted farther apart, each finding their solace in different aspects of the Goddess, but apart from each other. Fosco’s wanderlust kept getting ahold of him, and he would tarry farther and farther from the city, roaming more of the countryside in his military and freelance temple duties, as the halfling settlers expanded in their homesteading farther from the main cities as the protection of the Roadwardens expanded.

The Roadwardens where founded as the military arm of the Temple of Avandra, a branch of their Paladins that are taxed with protecting the pilgrims and merchants while they travel. This military organization is also made up of Paladins from the church of Erathis, for travel and commerce go hand in hand. They are on good terms with each other, although the Avandrites think the Erathians are a bit too homebound and stringent, and the Erathians think the Avandrites are a bit too nomadic and free-wheeling than they’d like. Nevertheless, they do good work, both protecting the commerce and travel inside the city and among the countryside. After his military service, it was a natural fit for Fosco to join up with the Roadwardens, having grown close to the faith during the war. This led to a split between him and Evylyn, as the Roadwardens are very often not home, and a relationship would be difficult at best for them. They parted as friends, and they tarry a drink or two when Fosco is in town. Fosco has attained the rank of Roadfellow among the Roadwardens, having done a bit of work for them, and riding on his successes as a military leader of the halfling community.

As with all halflings, Fosco is, at his roots, a family man. Halflings are very much involved in their community and their family, and often have stories about the goings on. Some of the equipment Fosco carries have various stories attached to them, such as his crossbow. When Fosco was in the military, he would often visit his various family members within the military (halflings have extensive families) such as his Uncle Cydus. Cydus was an old soldier, with a steady hand and a keen eye. He was the man that referred Fosco to the scouting command, and was a mentor and a friend. He joked that the only reason he helped Fosco was for the free drinks from his father. Uncle Cydus was Fosco’s mother’s brother, so he was always trying to “get in good” with Fosco’s father, for he enjoyed the drink, and was always finagling for a ‘family discount’ from Tallon. One time, when they were sitting around the tavern talking about where the Fosco’s scouts should strike next, they were playing cards and Cydus was having a bit too much to drink. As it drew later on, they where getting a little too heavy in the betting, and both men were certain they had a winning hand. After putting in all their money, Cydus wasn’t going to leave it there. As a matter of pride, he bet his Favorite Crossbow, the weapon that had seen him through his 20 years of military service. Being an officer now, he didn’t use it much, but it was still a badge of pride for him. Fosco had matched his bet with a bottle of very aged pumpkin wine, his father’s specialty. With the favor of Avandra’s Luck, she smiled upon him, and he won the hand by the barest of margins. Cydus was furious, and cursed Avandra for months afterwords, and was certain that Fosco had done some kind of evil ritual to sway Luck in his favor. After a while, Cydus calmed down, and now refers to it as “Fosco’s Graduation Present” to try and cover up that he lost it in a gamble. It’s a favorite family joke when Fosco comes home to have a family “Shooting Game” so that Cydus has to watch his Favorite Crossbow in the hands of another. Tallon particularly likes this ribbing, for all the guff that Cydus gives him for not giving him cheap prices at the tavern. Fosco’s grandmother (on his father’s side) also gave him a present when he became part of the Roadwardens. She knew that he would be sleeping out under the stars often, so she knit him a bedroll out of wool. It is a large bedroll, for a halfling, with room for a second blanket inside of it and slight padding on the top for a pillow. It wraps up nicely with tanned leather straps and “Travel Safe, Fosco. -Gammy” embroidered near the pillow. Fosco is close to his grandma, having been sent to help her often since her husband died of a disease a few decades back. Currently Fosco has been taxed by the Roadwardens to assist the KTO in their expansion of trade routes for the benefit of the Church of Avandra and for the halfling community.

Fosco Talbot the Roadfellow

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