The Midnight Tide: The Story So Far...

The party is made up of working members of the Kingdom Trade Organization. The KTO is chartered out of Kronaan (the capital city of the Kingdom) to help develop trade routes and relationships throughout the kingdom’s vast frontier wilderness.

Handpicked by the Trademaster of Kronaan, wizened Genry Goldfleck, the members of the Trade Emissaries of Kronaan, were chosen because of their diversity, and their reputations as hard working and honest. The KTO has high hopes that the party will be able to promote relationships among diverse people, and to promote unity through trade. The goal is to use relationships already developed on your journeys, to further build trade and commerce throughout the region. Through this newly inspired trade, the economy and strength of the Kingdom as an independent government will be boosted throughout the lands.

The current mission that the party has been on for the last few months, is to visit the frontier towns, assess goods and services which may be tradable, and create relationships with village artisans, craftsmen, and other tradesmen to generate trade relationships throughout The Kingdom.

Some success has already been achieved, creating a trade route from the village of Sarnassas in the East of the Dragon’s Mouth, with Kronaan, and Hearth’s End in the South. Your journey has brought you south of the Silent River up through the Eastern Pass near the Icecap Mountains. You have completed well over half of your journey, and been quite successful, but still have a few locales to complete.

Currently, the party is in the Northern Spires, and has been meeting with the Ketacha tribe, a tribe of migrant barbarians, following caribou and other tundra game. They are currently camped near a small fishing lake, appropriately named Lake Ketacha.

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